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While in Hospital

You will be looked after by a team who specialise in dealing with people who have suffered a stroke.

Team members include Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, and Dieticians.

You will also meet the Stroke Coordinator who will be happy to discuss any aspect of your care, provide written information and ensure that you are being seen by the appropriate therapists.

Discharge from hospital will depend upon your recovery and is a team decision based upon your progress.

A referral to Social Services is likely to be made to ensure any help or equipment needed at home is identified and provided.

Your medical care is handed over to your GP upon your discharge from hospital. It is to your GP that you will need to go to for all aspects of your aftercare.

OUR HEALTH is a new government pilot programme being rolled out in the South West.

The following text is from the new Our Health Southwest website.

You may be looking for general information about stroke to find answers to specific questions you have.

Our Health website can help by opening the door to a wealth of wide-ranging information on these conditions. Some of it is on the site itself but much more is available through its links to specialist health, social care, charity and voluntary organisations.

Our Health website currently focuses on the South West of England. The information is localised so you can find any services you need in your area. You can also compare how well these services are performing. This will provide useful information when you are deciding which would be best for you.

This site has a wealth of information and contains links to many Stroke related sites, together with details of patient guidelines from the  

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Quality Standard for Stroke

As of 30th January 2014 access to the Our Health Southwest website is no longer possible, which is a great pity, hopefully we will be advised soon of its new web address.