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Medication, Exercise and Diet

Importance of medication

On discharge from hospital you will be given a discharge letter that includes what has happened to you and a list of your medications. A nurse should explain to you the amounts and times you are to take your medication, this is most important, if the explanation is not given or you do not understand, you must ask. NEVER TAKE MEDICATION PRESCRIBED FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

If you have a cold or flu check with your local pharmacist what you can take as some remedies can affect your medication

Diet and exercise are an important part of stroke prevention

Healthy eating helps keep your heart and bloodstream in good form. Regular physical activity lowers your blood pressure, helps balance fats in your body and improves your ability to handle insulin.

Eating well and exercising also help to lose weight. Being overweight increases your chances of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, all of which can increase your chances of stroke.

Take it slowly, build up gradually. Always seek permission from your doctor before starting vigorous exercise

There is a Stroke Rehabilitation Exercise class at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre each Tuesday 12:30-13:30 which have benefited many of our members. Wheelchair users are welcome, and all levels of disability is catered for.

There is charge made by the leisure centre payable at the front desk. For further information contact the Leisure Centre direct. 01934 425900