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Psychological Impacts of Stroke

There can be many Psychological effects of a Stroke, some of these are-:



The ability to take in, store, and retrieve information such as-: Remembering to take tablets,remembering names, faces and events. Stroke can affect both short and long term memory functions.


Everyone has attention difficulties at some time but with a stroke this may be more severe leading to-:                                                              

Irritability, Fatigue, Impulsiveness, Inability to plan ahead or do more than one thing at a time,

Difficulty ignoring distracting information (such as traffic noise outside while listening to the radio)

Being unable to focus on the task in hand and trouble responding to two or more things at the same time.


Is a process of making sense of what you see, hear or touch this can include-:

Losing the ability to recognise what is seen, due to having only half of the field of vision, causing difficulty in judging depth, distance or space.

Emotional effects on Family Members,

and Friends

Depression and anxiety can occur in family members, friends and care givers, loved one can be struggling with their own fear, anger and frustrations, which can cause changes in personal relationships.

Apparent changes in personality following a stroke may be very disturbing for the survivors family. People may not seem the same as before, because of family members worry they may overprotect and over assist stroke patients in the home setting.

Care givers express frustration over loss of companionship, changes in behaviour, restrictions on life style, social isolation and financial difficulties.